University Christian Housing
5034 16th Ave NE


Community means being together and doing together. Here are some of our activities and events included in the Five-Oh experience:

  • Facilitated Weekly Small Groups
  • Weekly House Dinners
  • Quarterly House Retreats
  • Quarterly Grab-A-Date events
  • Vision 16 events including: dances, a spring formal, BBQ’s and desserts

" Living in the Five-Oh has been a source of love and support unlike any other experience I’ve had. Not only have I had the chance to develop lasting friendships with these girls and the greater Christian community here in the University District, but I’ve been challenged and encouraged in my faith and been able to do the same for others. I’m thankful to have seen Jesus in such real and tangible ways and experienced firsthand how God works through friendship and community. "

Kiersten Sprick
Past Five-Oh Resident
Past House Facilitator










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