University Christian Housing
5034 16th Ave NE



Where is the Five-Oh?

We are two blocks North of campus and two blocks East of University Way (the Ave).  Walking to the Quad takes under 15 minutes.  Safeway, the farmers market and Trader Joes are all within walking distance.

What about choosing my room / roommate?

Based on your responses to our Room/Roommate survey, the House President will decide who goes in which room. There are 2 or 3 residents per room.

Where do I park?

Car parking is VERY limited.  Talk to the House President about availability of Zone 6 parking with the City of Seattle.  For your bicycle, there is limited storage behind the house.

What about safety?

We are located north of NE 50th St. in an area of nice homes occupied by families, many with small children, some distance from the more dense and active student housing areas.  We take safety very seriously and have a full height, locked fence around the side and back of the house and discuss safety rules with all our residents at orientation.  

How does laundry work?

We have two sets of washer/dryers, one upstairs and one downstairs, and they are free for residents of the Five-Oh.

What about food?

On Tuesday nights, we provide a House Dinner prepared by the House Parents.  For other meals, the kitchens are stocked with a long list of basics and condiments (sugar,flour,spices,butter, etc. etc.) and you prepare your own meals from your own groceries.

What’s expected of me?

Everyone is assigned weekly housekeeping chores.  Other rules about conduct, quiet hours, visitors, etc are in the Community Agreement.  

Is the Five-Oh a part of Vision 16?

We are separately owned and operated, but enjoy a thriving relationship with our friends at Vision 16, and a portion of your rent pays dues to access their social events.

Do I have to be a UW student?

No! Our past and current girls have attended SPU, Seattle University, UW Bothell, local community colleges... the key is college aged.











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